Amazon Brand Registry: Overview

Common Questions about Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry: Overview

As a brand, you’d want everything at your disposal to stay as competitive as you can on the world’s largest online marketplace. Not just that, but you’d also want access to the latest tools to help you get fantastic reviews and protect your brand from imitations and unauthorised sellers.

Enter Amazon Brand Registry.

amazon brand registry questions

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Amazon Brand Registry (ABR), what it does, how it benefits you, a costs breakdown, how to link your products to it, and more.

Let’s get to it then!

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon offers Brand Registry is a way to protect brand owners from product content and intellectual property infringement. From copyright infringement to patent infringement to cheap product knock-offs and counterfeits – ABR exists to offer brand owners all manners of protection while also offering an exclusive program that helps you legitimise your brand. Not only that, but ABR can also offer you certain benefits over non-registered brands which we will discuss shortly.

According to Amazon:

“For brand owners, enrolling in the Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools to help protect your trademarks, including proprietary text and image search and predictive automation.”

Aside from the ability to protect your brand, Brand Registry also offers specific tools for helping you build a better reputation on the platform and exercise more control over your brand presence via product listings.

If you’ve ever had any of these concerns while selling on Amazon as a brand then ABR is for you:

  • How can I have greater control over other sellers who are selling my brand on Amazon?
  • How do I identify counterfeits and counterfeiters easily and faster before they have a chance to harm my brand or reputation?
  • How can I get by brand’s visibility to improve on Amazon’s search results pages?
  • How can I get my first batch of reviews in easily and a lot faster?
  • What kind of additional imagery and video should I be adding to my listings to sell more?
  • How can I prevent others from changing the content on my listings?

Amazon Brand Registry can help to resolve all of the above issues and then some!

What are Amazon Brand Registry requirements?

To enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, you need to have an active or pending trademark. Therefore, before registering your brand on ABR, as a brand owner you must file for a trademark with the relevant authority or body. In the US, this can be done at the USPTO; in the UK, it’s the UKIPO, and in the EU, it’s EUIPO.

However, if you do not have a registered trademark, you can use Amazon IP Accelerator to start the filing process. The key benefit of obtaining IP rights through this program is that after filing, you can access ABR benefits and protections while still awaiting your official trademark registration to come through – that typically takes around a year, so it’s worth a shot.

Additionally, you need to be a first-party or third-party seller on Amazon.

Once both these requirements have been met, go to the Amazon Brand Registry page and begin the brand registration process.

Once complete, you’ll need to wait for Amazon’s approval. This may take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.

After approval, you’ll have access to all the incredible benefits of Brand Registry, such as Sponsored Brands, A+ Content, and more, giving you a serious competitive advantage over brands that haven’t registered with ABR.

From what we’ve seen as an Amazon marketing consultant providing tailored services for well over a decade is that today, it’s become really difficult to succeed on Amazon as a brand unless you’re an ABR-registered brand – and this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all because the benefits are absolutely staggering.

How long does Amazon Brand Registry take?

The first thing you’ve to do to get your foot in the door is to begin the approval process from the Amazon Brand Registry page. Once Amazon kicks off the approval process from their end, provided all other requirements have been met, you may be enrolled within a few days or a few weeks, at best.

What are Amazon Brand Registry benefits?

Once you are enrolled in Brand Registry, you can access nearly all the perks and capabilities from your Amazon Seller Central account. Just go to the ‘Brands tab on your Seller Central’s main nav bar, and access all the benefits, such as:

A+ Content  

The A+ Content Manager (formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content) enhances your brand content by allowing you to add additional images, text, infographics, and unique modules to help boost your listings. It’s a significant improvement over the regular text-only product description, giving you a more professional and trustworthy look.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brands is a great way to engage your customers through headline ads which appear at the top of Amazon’s search results. These ads can be leveraged to drive better brand discovery, using specific messaging to attract shoppers to your brand. If people are already searching for similar products or more or less the same product, there’s a good chance they will find you through Sponsored Brands ads.

By clicking on your brand ad, they’ll be taken straight to your storefront!

Customer Insights

Reaching the depths of all your potential audiences means you have to be able to know what your ideal customers are. By understanding specific metrics of your target base, you can make better informed decisions, especially those revolving around how to fully utilise the tools and services available with ABR.

For example, if you access Brand Analytics, you can find a wealth of information on your ideal audiences, such as:

Search Query Performance or SQP lets you view brand search term performance according to customer search behaviours, where you can better understand things like purchase rate, cart add rate, brand share, search query volume and so on.

Market basket analysis is an invaluable insight which shows the products your customers are buying together. It’s a great way to discover new cross-selling and bundling strategies, as well as which new products will be in demand.

Repeat purchase behaviour provides information which you can use to assess marketing campaigns more effectively and strategise in order to drive better repeat purchases.

Search catalogue performance lets you see how customers are interacting with your brand throughout their shopping journey. This way, you can better understand how things are in your sales funnel by accessing all-important metrics, including clicks, impressions, and cart adds, as well as purchases.

The Demographics section contains charts which display customer attributes like age, gender, household income, education level, and marital status, where you can also choose reporting range dates and export everything conveniently to a CSV file.

Amazon Live Creator

Amazon Live is a great way to engage more directly with your customers, where you can improve your brand strategy by adding interactive livestream video. Share your brand story to reach more shoppers and use the livestream video feature specifically to demonstrate how your product works or its benefits in a clever way. You can also use the feature for live chat to help answer the questions or queries of potential customers. it is currently available only for sellers in the US/Canada/Mexico marketplace

Amazon Store

An Amazon Storefront can easily set you apart from the competition, instantly adding value to your brand and legitimising your business. No more distractions from competing products, as customers are greeted by a full-fledged e-commerce site where bespoke templates ensure that all the relevant images, video, mobile view, spelling and punctuation is in order to help you sell more.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brands is one of the biggest advantages of registering with ABR, creating a new level of brand discovery on Amazon. People are already looking for the kind of product that you’re selling, so as they are conducting searches, your product will fall flat in front of their faces!

Clicking on your Sponsored Ad will take them straight to your storefront.

How to link products to Amazon Brand Registry?

Once you have an active or pending trademark, you can get started as a trademark owner to link your listings with Brand Registry.

  • Go to Brand Registry, and use your Seller Central credentials to sign in.
  • Select “Enroll a Brand”.
  • Enter the relevant brand details under “Brand Information”. Choose your trademark office along with the serial or registration number of your trademark.
  • After verifications, upload a high-res logo image.
  • Upload a minimum of one image under “Product Information”, where your brand name or logo can be seen affixed to the product or packaging.
  • Choose whether you’re a seller or vendor (both if applicable).
  • Choose the product categories you’re selling under.
  • Provide the necessary manufacturing and distribution details.
  • Submit your application.

Amazon will send you a verification code to confirm that enrollment has been completed. That’s it – your products are now linked with ABR!

Can I sell on Amazon without Brand Registry?

You can, definitely, but you’d be missing out on a tonne of benefits and won’t be nearly as competitive as the other registered brand sellers.

What is Amazon Brand Registry cost?

There’s no cost associated with enrolling into Brand Registry. After enrolling, however, you can access certain tools and services, some of which may have costs associated with them.

To learn more about brand registry and how to fully leverage it to your advantage, consult us now. 

Chris is the managing director of Ecommerce Intelligence, a full service Amazon agency. He has over 13 years experience selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Follow Chris on LinkedIn for daily tips and advice.

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