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We are a transparent, highly experienced agency, specialising in Amazon and growing tangible results for brands. Our team of work closer with your business and develop high sales, reduce operational and advertising expenditure against a backdrop of high expertise across all retail sectors. Using a framework of highly detailed clocked reporting, giving full transparency to our work and improving your ROI.


Just Some Of Our Amazing Customers on Amazon

Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce

Our Services

Brand Experts

Chris Turton Ecommerce

We are experts in working with brands and Amazon brand registry. Ask us to see some of our store and A+ pages

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Listing & FBA Consultants

Chris Turton Ecommerce

We have been providing high quality branded listings that focus on visual and keyword rich product detail pages

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Vendor and Seller Accounts

Chris Turton Ecommerce

Working with you if your a vendor or seller or both. We have a proven track record with UK and US accounts

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Amazon Marketing Services

Chris Turton Ecommerce

Get Lower ACoS with us. Bespoke advertising console consultancy with accounts upto £1m per month spend.

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Amazon Agency – What Some of Our Customers Say

Nature Kitchen

“I can honestly say I am blown away with the ethics honesty and integrity shown by the ecommerce intelligence team.Thank you. – Ally Watkins”

Massive reduction in ACoS, business growth by 30%

Logs Online

“Chris and his team helped us discover untapped potential with our Amazon business. Our sales have grown by 300% since we started working together – Alan Murtagh”

9600% Growth with over £1.2m in sales in 12 months

Two Keys

Chris and his team have quickly turned what appeared to be an incredibly daunting task into a very simple and fruitful one – I cannot recommend highly enough – James Simpson”

4000 Unit sales in 12 months for This Product Launch

Headline Metrics



Amazon Sales Handled Per Month

Double Growth


Average Growth Of Existing Seller Accounts (YoY)

ACoS Reduction


Average Reduction in Advertising Cost Of Sale after 90 Days

Chris Turton Ecommerce

Not Just Another Amazon Marketing Agency

We are a brand building leading Amazon advertising agency working as a “full service” consulting team. We work closely and transparently with you on a project management level.

We understand that navigating the retail environment on Amazon is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when it comes to PPC(advertising), barcodes and taking control of your detail pages and SEO.

Whilst Amazon is the cornerstone of our business, we use key data and metrics and adapt those into your website and other marketplaces such as ebay, onbuy and your entire website portfolio.

Unlike others, we do not charge retainers or sales commissions, our hourlie transparent model allows close communication with our clients and cuts away any wastage.

Proudly Written For….

Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce

Amazon Advertising

As a full service amazon agency we understand that listing products and maximising SEO on vendor and seller is crucial when doing amazon advertising via sponsored ads. You cannot have a successful ROI and a strong paid advertising campaign if your marketing efforts are wasted on bad listings with zero amazon sales.

Chris Turton Ecommerce

Why We Are The Leading Amazon Full Service Agency

Sales on Amazon and the growth of your marketing campaigns can be attributed to how well you deal with customer interactions on the marketplace, for example; your products ranking is determined by sales velocity but also how well you create a customer experience and work towards amazons marketing metrics, we specialise in looking at every angle to your seller central or vendor account as a true full service account management system, Amazon SEO and advertising is only half the battle.

Why Make Chris Turton Ecommerce Your Amazon Agency Partner

  • We grew 3 start-ups in 2020 to make a 100k turnover each in that December, one of which had to stop receiving orders as their courier could not take anymore!
  • Our current sales growth record is zero to 872k in under 12 months – we are always looking for the next customer to beat this target.
  • Our average growth for existing seller central accounts YoY is 196.7%!
  • We have worked with some major brands and exciting progressive start-ups from baby food to alcohol, hardwood logs to wheelchair batteries!
  • Because of our diverse category portfolio, we have very advanced knowledge of Amazons category bottlenecks and resolving common problems, saving valuable time.
  • Our contractual terms are short and our rates hourly, all clocked and detailed to the second, eradicating wasted time and improving transparent communication
  • Because of our growth we have Amazon account managers giving us the upper hand when partner support let us down and help us reach new goals

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    Full Service Amazon Agency

    Building sales on Amazon requires time and a digital strategy backed up many years of experience across a large network of categories. We are the leading amazon experts with a transparent digital management process. We have the ability to grow your digital strategy whatever your budget.

    Amazon Advertising

    As a full service amazon agency we provide everything to grow your brand. Sponsored ads and paid advertising are a core element to our e commerce arsenal, working alongside optimization and leading amazon marketing services and ppc account management tools.

    Because ppc is a core objective for our marketing services –  we have become a leading amazon ad agency with strong ACoS and lower Return on investment focusing on a detailed line by line approach rather than using software and AI to delete possibly important decisions on your advertising.

    On average we reduce amazon advertising costs by 40% across the marketplace.

    Sponsored Brands, Video And Display.

    We cannot stress the importance of amazon advertising in the early days of developing your brand. However, this must be coupled with excellent brand lead listings in order to increase conversion rates and thus, keep your sponsored ads cost effective. Sponsored brands also have additional campaigns available such as SBV (video) and store spotlights allowing brands to dominate amazon search categories

    Not All Amazon Service Agencies are Created Equal

    We lead by creating unique transparent experiences for our agency customers that are tailored to their needs and built around a detailed model. We clock for all our work and offer no retainers or long term contracts incentivised by commission lead agency salesman. We pride ourselves on detailed and honest consultancy and our results show!

    Amazon Vendor Accounts

    We provide a range of amazon services not just for sellers but also an indepth amazon marketing strategy for vendors. We understand the different process in supporting these products and the reporting that goes into driving sales on amazon in a different marketplace framework. Whilst the fundamentals of Amazon PPC remain the same, the process of listing products, understanding reporting and brand related tools differes hugely to amazon seller accounts.

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