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At Ecommerce Intelligence, we are a highly experienced, transparent and enthusiastic Amazon agency specialising in producing tangible growth results for Amazon sellers. Many of the clients we’ve worked with have even labelled us as the “best Amazon agency”.

Our Amazon ad agency team will work closely with you from start to finish, helping you develop a robust sales model, while putting specific measures in place to reduce operational and advertising costs – and boost ROI as much as possible.

Our expertise as an Amazon agency spans across all retail sectors, and we’d love to craft a bespoke sales & growth strategy for you. We work using a transparent framework of detailed clock reporting, where you know exactly what’s going on with your Amazon sales at any given time. We’re more than just an Amazon agency – we are Amazon ROI experts!

Just Some Of Our Amazing Customers

Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce
Chris Turton Ecommerce

We’re a Full Service Amazon Agency

As an Amazon marketing agency, we specialise in providing a variety of services to help sellers stay ahead of the competitive curve, including but not limited to:

Brand Experts

Chris Turton Ecommerce

As your full service Amazon agency, we work with brands and Amazon Brand Registry on a regular basis. Just have a look at some of the A+ pages we’ve done for our clients who couldn’t be more delighted.

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Listing & FBA Consultants

Chris Turton Ecommerce

As your Amazon marketing agency, we have years of experience providing quality-focused branded listings that focus on both visual and keyword-rich product detail pages.

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Vendor and Seller Accounts

Chris Turton Ecommerce

Whether you’re a vendor or seller in the UK/US Amazon market, our proven track record as an Amazon advertising agency ensures that you have unparalleled success in both markets.  

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Marketing Services For Amazon

Chris Turton Ecommerce

Rely on our expertise as a full service Amazon agency to get your ACoS as low as possible. Fully bespoke advertising console consultancy available with up to £1m monthly spend on accounts…

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    What Some of Our Customers Say

    Chris Turton Ecommerce

    Read our Amazon Agency’s latest Case Study: Ardo Medical

    Nature Kitchen

    “I can honestly say I am blown away with the ethics honesty and integrity shown by the ecommerce intelligence team.Thank you. – Ally Watkins”

    Massive reduction in ACoS, business growth by 30%

    Two Keys

    Chris and his team have quickly turned what appeared to be an incredibly daunting task into a very simple and fruitful one – I cannot recommend highly enough – James Simpson”

    4000 Unit sales in 12 months for This Product Launch

    Logs Online

    “Chris and his team helped us discover untapped potential with our business. Our sales have grown by 300% since we started working together – Alan Murtagh”

    9600% Growth with over £1.2m in sales in 12 months

    Headline Metrics



    Amazon Sales Handled Per Month

    Double Growth


    Average Growth Of Existing Seller Accounts (YoY)

    ACoS Reduction


    Average Reduction in Advertising Cost Of Sale after 90 Days

    Chris Turton Ecommerce

    We’re an Amazon Advertising Partner

    We are an accredited Amazon PPC agency within the Amazon Partner Network.

    We are also an Amazon marketing agency (PPC and organic) that specialises in creating absolutely flawless product listings, improving conversion rates for sellers across the board. Our team works tirelessly to create superb ROI for all your products through both sponsored and branded campaigns. Learn more about the Amazon PPC work we do and how it can help you here.

    We focus on transparent and detailed performance  

    What truly sets us apart as an Amazon advertising agency is our ability to provide every intricate detail in helping sellers gain complete success on Amazon. Our clocked and detailed service encompasses every task, from product listing optimisation to regular reporting and complete project management.

    We are an Amazon agency that is known as a brand building and advertising & marketing specialist. We work closely and transparently with each client on every level of the project.

    As a full service Amazon agency, we understand the retail environment on Amazon better than anyone else, which is increasingly becoming more complex and difficult to navigate day by day – particularly when it comes to PPC advertising, barcodes, and taking back control of your detail pages as well as SEO.

    Even though Amazon marketing and advertising is the cornerstone of our Amazon agency UK services, we also integrate key data and metrics across your website portfolio and other marketplaces like eBay and OnBuy to pave the way for unmatched success and ROI across all your revenue streams.

    Proudly Written For….

    Chris Turton Ecommerce
    Chris Turton Ecommerce
    Chris Turton Ecommerce
    Chris Turton Ecommerce

    Our brand and seller experience as an Amazon Marketing Agency

    At the time Chris started Ecommerce Intelligence in 2019, he already had an impressive resume as an E-commerce specialist and Amazon Seller, having helped several brands grow on the largest online ecommerce platform in the world – including TV Furniture Direct in creating the no.1 best-selling TV stands on Amazon in 2015.

    Over the past 11 years Chris and the team have worked with over 160+ brands and Amazon sellers carving a massive amount of experience across all verticals and categories

    Full Service Amazon Agency for all your needs

    Sales on Amazon and the success of your marketing campaigns can be largely attributed to how efficiently you deal with customer interactions on the marketplace, for example.

    Your product ranking is something that’s determined by sales velocity primarily, and also on how well you are able to create the entire customer experience and work towards your target marketing metrics.

    As an Amazon marketing agency, we look at every aspect of your Seller Central or Vendor account, as part of our full service account management system – because Amazon SEO and advertising is only half the battle.

    Why Make Chris Turton Ecommerce Your Amazon Seller Partner

    Where other Amazon marketing agencies slack it (sorry, most of them promise quick fixes and rarely provide a viable long-term solution), Ecommerce Intelligence offers a holistic solution as a full service Amazon agency, helping to oversee all aspect of your Amazon sales.

    • In 2020, our Amazon ad agency grew 3 startups to help them make a turnover of 100k each at the end of the year – in fact, one of them had to cut their orders short as their courier couldn’t handle the customer demand!
    • Our current sales growth as a leading Amazon agency in the UK is 0-872k in less than 12 months – we are always on the lookout to work with a new client to beat this record. Maybe that’s going to be you!
    • Our average YoY growth for the existing Seller Central accounts we’re managing is 196.7%…!
    • Dubbed the “best Amazon agency” by the vast majority of clients we have had the privilege of serving, we have worked with both exciting progressive startups and some very well-established brands – helping them successfully sell everything from baby food to alcohol, and hardwood logs to wheelchair batteries.
    • Because of the diverse category portfolio we’ve helped hundreds of brands manage, we possess advanced and very intricate knowledge around category bottlenecks and niggles, as well as how to resolve common category-related problems – thus, saving our clients lots of valuable time.
    • We offer short contractual terms and hourly rates, all clocked and detailed to the second, which leads to fully transparent communication at all times and no wasted time or resources
    • We work closely with Agency Partnership teams giving us additional support..

    We are an end-to-end Global Amazon Growth Brand

    Building sales on Amazon isn’t a one-hit wonder or an overnight job. There are many intricacies, complexities and nuances involved – but when you have the right digital strategy at your behest which is backed by years of experience across a large network of product categories – you won’t have to jump through hoops or go through lengthy, painful trial-and-error processes, just to sell successfully on Amazon.

    We are seen by our clients as Amazon experts who provide tangible results through a transparent digital management process. No matter what your budget, we can grow your digital strategy for selling on Amazon, ensuring that you stay competitive and profitable all year round.


    Ex-Amazon Sellers, at your service

    Want to join the big players on Amazon and start selling big? Then talk to the guys who have “been there and done that”.

    While Amazon staff rarely specialise in one department or functionality, moving around the company every 3-6 months and trying to be the Jack of all Trades (Ace of None), we are a team of former e-commerce managers and Amazon sellers. Our experiences and knowledge don’t vary because we are not trying to wear multiple hats all the time. Instead, we wear just one: Amazon selling, marketing, and advertising experts. Okay, so that’s three but you get the idea!

    It is due to our persistence and consistency in helping sellers sell more that we are able to produce the best results for them.

    Advertising successfully on Amazon  

    Operating as a full service Amazon agency means that we possess all the tools, knowledge, experience, and expertise to grow your brand. No more trial-and-error phases. No more endless experimentation and then waiting for results, or losing sleep over lost opportunities.

    We leverage both sponsored ads and paid advertising as a core element in our e-commerce arsenal, working alongside your Amazon optimisation and marketing goals, and using the latest PPC account management tools to help you meet those goals.

    PPC is a core aspect of our Amazon marketing services – we have become the ‘go-to’ Amazon ad experts for sellers of all levels, an expert who uses a detailed, line-by-line approach to keep your ACoS low and your profit margins high. We don’t believe in using software or AI (we don’t care how advanced it is) to guide your Amazon advertising decisions. To us, the human factor is more important than anything, as that’s what produces real results.

    On average, we can reduce your Amazon ad costs by 40% across the entire marketplace. Learn more about PPC work here

    Amazon advertising is something that needs to be done in the early days of developing your brand online – we cannot stress enough on that!

    However, this needs to be combined with excellent brand lead listings, to increase conversion rates as much as possible and, therefore, keep your sponsored ads cost-effective.

    Sponsored brands also have additional campaigns available such as SBV (sponsored brand video) and store spotlights, allowing brands to dominate search categories. We’re here to make sure that you leverage it fully to get the desired results.

    An Amazon Agency UK unlike any other

    Our e-commerce specialists are leaders in creating unique and transparent experiences for our customers – experiences which are tailored to their exact needs and built around a detailed model and action plan.

    With us, there are no retainers or long-term contracts incentivised by a commission lead agency man. We clock all our work down to the last second, and pride ourselves in offering detailed and honest Amazon agency consultancy. Our results truly speak for themselves.

    Discover more about our team here

    Amazon vendor? seller? or both?

    We provide the full range of services as a ‘full service Amazon agency’, not just for sellers but also for vendors.

    Our team fully understands the different process involved in supporting both sellers’ and vendors’ products, and the reporting which uniquely goes into each to drive sales in their respective marketplace framework.

    Whilst the fundamentals of PPC and our approach remain largely the same, the process of listing products, understanding reporting and brand related-tools differs in a major way between amazon seller accounts and vendor accounts.

    Learn more about vendor central here

    Learn more about seller central here

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