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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across the UK are missing out on millions of pounds in sales because their rivals are cornering the online market.

We have scoured data from Amazon which reveals that around 100,000 UK-based SMEs sell their products in Amazon’s stores recording over £3 billion in export sales in 2022.

But there are still thousands of SMEs out there who either think they don’t need Amazon for their business or ecommerce growth, or are doing it badly.

That is why we have launched a campaign to highlight the benefits of Amazon to small business. More than half of all physical product sales on the Amazon store in the UK are from independent selling partners, most of whom are small and medium-sized businesses. And they’re not just in London – SMEs based in Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow selling on Amazon recorded some of the highest average annual revenues, surpassing the average annual revenue of London-based sellers.

So, if your business is not on Amazon, it’s a good bet one of your competitors is. As part of our campaign, we are offering special digital workshops to get you started or to improve your online presence.

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