What are Amazon Brand Management Services?

Being successful on Amazon is not just limited to selling successfully – it inevitably comes down to selling in a way that grows your brand.

If you want to be more than simply a ‘competitive’ seller on Amazon, then you need to think beyond just selling with tailored Amazon brand management services.

Amazon multi brand management services

What are Amazon brand management services, anyway?

Amazon brand management services offer a complete solution to helping you manage your Amazon brand name in an efficient, profitable and affordable way. Unless you are taking the necessary steps to strengthen your brand on Amazon, there is only so much healthy sales volume can do for you.

At their core, Amazon brand management services and channel management services are designed to give you access in-depth and insightful reports which help you better understand how your Amazon seller account is doing. In fact, some of these reports can be so detailed and insightful that you may no longer need to log into Seller Central. This effectively gives you more time and energy to further improve your product, engage in external marketing initiatives and make high-level business decisions when you need to.

What do Amazon brand management services typically include?

Amazon brand management services are a proven way to improve conversion rates, boost rankings, increase sales and establish your brand as a leader. At the minimum, these brand and channel management services include:

Brand registry

Brand growth on Amazon begins with Brand Registry. This is where you access all Amazon has to offer to help you grow your brand – from A+ Content to Sponsored Brand Ads and eye-catching Amazon Storefronts. Chris along with one of this expert brand managers will help you secure brand registry in an easy and hassle-free way, along with all the benefits that come with it. Completing brand registry is a breeze when you have an experienced brand manager to work with.

Learn more about Amazon Brand Registry here

Help with new brand launch

It can be difficult to maintain a consistent and marketable brand voice with everything you must manage on your Amazon account, including channel management. Chris and his team of creative Amazon specialists as well as brand managers are no strangers to Amazon best practices – they will help you implement them seamlessly, setting you up for success while also maintaining your brand continuity.

Your dedicated team will help you deal with everything – from setting up a storefront to A+ Content to product page copy, review funnels and more. Our end goal is to tie in every piece of your brand presence together while also implementing best practices for brand and channel management.

Storefront creation and maintenance

When it comes to growing your brand on Amazon, we will help you clearly see how the customer journey works. Our creative team will come up with a highly optimised and cohesive Amazon storefront, which will provide your customers with an unforgettable experience, maximising your conversion rate as a result.

If you need a quick storefront refresh for a peak sale season, we can help you out with that as well. Storefront refreshes in the past have helped many of our clients double their conversion rates and sales during peak periods. That’s exactly the kind of thing you need to bring in up to seven figures or more per year.

Learn more about Amazon Stores here

Quarterly goal evaluation and growth planning

Well, you made it to Amazon, that’s great! But what happens now? What should your next step be?

It’s time to strategise with an Amazon marketing specialist to draw out a complete list of goals for your brand, where we will also help you come up with a long-term strategy, ensuring that your sales continue to push forward. After gaining a little bit of success, many sellers tend to ‘take it easy’ and their sales decline or become stagnant as a result. Don’t be that seller!

Our expert strategist will sit down with you to review your account and Amazon brand presence each quarter. This will help to identify new opportunities and plan more comprehensively for growth. For example, some of the topics we may assess include certification and badge opportunities as well as untapped beta opportunities.

Your brand strategist will also explore global expansion opportunities as well as any potential B2B (business-to-business) ones. In addition, our team will review your brand defence strategy and help you maximise your listing real estate.

Ongoing consulting on channel management and more

Our brand manager is always available to answer often difficult and challenging questions on anything from account issues and launch strategy to inventory planning, listing tactics, category requirements and more.

Day-to-day consulting with an Amazon brand expert means you are always aware of your growth objectives, strategic brand development and planning, account monitoring, review recommendations and implementation – as well as listing optimisations, external ads, profit margin cost comparisons, channel management and so much more. 

And, in case we don’t have answers to the above – which is rare – we will gladly get you connected with one of our friendly Amazon partners.

Help with new product launches

Building a leading brand on Amazon means that every decision you make – whether it’s around category selection or fulfilment method e.g. – can pretty much make or break a product launch.

Our team of experts are here to help you navigate the fiercely competitive Amazon marketplace. From conducting in-depth competitor research and analysis to helping you follow and implement the latest white hat best practices for Amazon selling – we’ll see to it that you have every possible competitive advantage, not just for memorable product launches but also for unparalleled long-term success.

Listings creation and optimisation  

Coming up with relevant, up-to-date and SEO-optimised listings can be quite the challenge. After all, you need to conduct a fair amount of marketplace research to determine which keywords are the highest ranking ones. Plus, the keyword-rich listings you come up with to rank high must also comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) and category requirements. We’re not done yet – you also need to see those storefront visits convert while you still preserve your brand’s main voice. Quite a task we have on our hands, don’t we?

Not to worry with our team of industry-best and research-happy copywriters who will create listings for your product that easily rank high and convert quickly. They will do all the heavy lifting for you – from keyword and competitor research to category selection and creation of product display page listing – complete with all the required backend content, best-ranking keywords and fields, we might add,

Learn more about Amazon Optimization here

Amazon A+ content creation

Given Amazon’s ultra-competitive marketplace, one would expect every single seller to have A+ content in their listings in order to be as competitive as possible.

However, many a times, our team has come across brands with rather flat and underwhelming A+ content or worse still, no enhanced content at all. Amazon offers this feature for a mighty fine reason: to describe your product’s best features by way of enhanced images, text placements and a unique brand story.

When you use A+ content the way it’s meant to be used, you will see a significant increase in your conversion rate, there’s no two ways about it! Our creative content writing team will help you craft immaculate A+ content to showcase your product’s key features, educating your customers in the process and improving conversion rates across the board. Learn More about A+ content here

Posts, coupons and promotions galore!

There’s no questioning the fact that the way you devise your Amazon brand promotional strategy can have a major impact on your conversion rate, sales volume and overall ad performance. However, with so many options for deals, promos and coupons at your disposal, it can be confusing to put an effective promotional strategy in place.

Whether the goal is to focus on ongoing promotional strategy and maintenance or a one-off strategy for a peak sales period, our Amazon marketing experts will work out all the numbers for you to come up with a tailored promotional plan unique to your catalogue.

A meticulously planned promo strategy not only boosts conversion rates but also helps you stand out prominently in an often overcrowded marketplace – both in terms of organic search results and your advertising initiatives. Furthermore, when you use specific promotional strategies a certain way, you can easily drive more urgency to purchase and even improved visibility, when features like Amazon Posts and Amazon Live come into play.

Review management implementation  

Moment of truth: next to no reviews on Amazon means your uphill battle just got tougher. Fortunately, you have access to a well-versed and highly tactical team of Amazon marketers and brand specialists who are fully in-tune with Amazon’s TOS.

They will help you come up with a bespoke review strategy according to your product and help you implement it all from start to finish.

Build a stronger brand with Amazon brand management services

There’s no reason to let the competition walk all over you, stealing the limelight from you – with the right Amazon brand management services, your brand can easily become a staple in your niche.

Get in touch with Chris and his amazon agency team to get started today.

Chris is the managing director of Ecommerce Intelligence, a full service Amazon agency. He has over 13 years experience selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Follow Chris on LinkedIn for daily tips and advice.

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