What Are Amazon Brand Management Services?

Brand management on Amazon – What is it?

If you want to be successful on Amazon and build better brand loyalty, then you must think beyond the “selling successfully” mindset. Because the main goal from day one should be to sell in a way that improves brand performance and helps to grow your brand over the long term.

You need to be more than simply one of those ‘competitive’ brand owners on Amazon. To build true brand recognition and boost brand performance across the board, you must think beyond just selling – and, this is where brand management by a professional Amazon brand registry marketing agency comes in.

Professional brand management refers to a complete, holistic solution to help you manage your sponsored brands (or otherwise) in an affordable, profitable, and efficient way. Through brand analytics, brand protection, and brand building strategies, proper brand management on Amazon can help to strengthen your brand’s voice, improve customer engagement, build brand awareness like never before, improve your brand protection, boost sales, and much more! Because great sales volume alone can only do so much for you.

At their core, brand management services, brand analytics, Amazon brand protection, market basket analysis and a lot more, are all combined to give you access to some incredibly insightful and in-depth reports as well as tools which can help to:

  • Boost customer engagement across the board
  • Attain better brand protection in the short and long run
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Give more ‘power’ and ‘weight’ to your brand’s voice
  • Rank you higher on the Amazon store
  • Rank you higher in sponsored ads
  • Encourage more repeat purchase behaviour by existing and new customers
  • Identify counterfeit listings and deal with them accordingly as per Amazon’s guidelines
  • Immediately remove counterfeit listings in case they pop up without warning
  • Pave the way for more sales in future and maximize sales that you’re making at the moment
  • Tell your brand’s story to compel more people to buy from you
  • Make you more visible to customers, to find you easily
  • Alert you to any potentially counterfeit products being sold under your brand name
  • And so much more!

The advantages of working with a brand management agency are nearly endless and a highly practical solution to help you understand how your Amazon seller’s account is performing at any given time. In fact, some of the reports we talked about can be so detailed (such as a market basket analysis) that you may not even need to log into Seller Central to keep an eye on things. This leaves you free to improve your product, tweak your overall marketing strategy, and make high level business decisions to ensure your future success.

These timely steps can also help you identify counterfeit products early on before the “fraudsters” get a chance to profit from your brand name – it’s a growing problem on Amazon but luckily one which can be easily mitigated by working with a brand management agency.

Everything Amazon brand management includes

Brand management on Amazon has become a proven way to boost rankings, increase conversion rates and sales, and establish yourself as a brand leader. Ultimately, it’s a very cost-effective solution for brand protection as well, because once you’ve built up your brand, you have to fight hard to protect it!

At the very least, your Amazon brand management would include:

Amazon Brand Registry          

Brand growth on the platform begins with Amazon Brand Registry. It’s the go-to place where you access all kinds of tools and advice from Amazon to help grow your brand.

Brand registry is a goldmine for Amazon sellers of all levels, as it offers everything from Sponsored Brand Ads and eye-popping Amazon Storefronts (or simply Amazon Stores) to A+ Content, in order to help you establish some serious brand dominance.

Chris, working with his expert team of brand management experts will help you secure Brand Registry in a really simple, straightforward, and hassle-free way, along with enjoying all the benefits it brings, of course.

Completing Brand Registry is not complicated at all when you have the right team behind you and especially an experienced brand manager looking out for you 24/7.

Learn more about Amazon Brand Registry here.

Help with a new brand launch

Maintaining a consistent and marketable brand voice can be challenging. With Chris and his creative team of Amazon specialists, however, and particularly the brand managers, you can easily embrace Amazon best practices from day one – effectively setting yourself up for success while also maintaining your brand dominance and continuity.

From setting up a Storefront to A+ Content to Brand Registry, review funnels, and product page copy (and a lot more), your dedicated brand manager will deal with all aspects of brand management on Amazon.

Amazon Store creation and maintenance

Successfully growing your brand on Amazon means you must be able to clearly see how the customer journey works. Our creative team will help you build a fully optimised and cohesive Amazon Storefront, providing your customers with an absolutely unforgettable experience, thus, maximising your conversion rate.

Don’t need a Storefront from scratch but a refresh for a peak sale season? We’ve totally got you covered!

Storefront refreshes have proven to be an excellent way for all our clients to boost their conversion rates during peak sales periods – just the kind of thing you need to start bringing in seven-figure or higher profits each year.

Learn more about Amazon Stores here

Quarterly goal evaluation and growth planning

You made it to Amazon, brilliant! But what now? What’s the next step?

Time to strategise with an Amazon marketing specialist who will help you list out all your brand building goals, both in the short and long term, so that you can continue to grow sales. Most sellers tend to relax and ‘take it easy’ after enjoying a brief period of consistent sales and their sales decline soon after. Don’t be that seller!

Our expert strategist will review your account and brand presence every quarter, helping to identify new opportunities and coming up with a comprehensive long-term growth plan. Some of the topics we may assess include certification and badge opportunities as well as untapped beta ones.

Additionally, your dedicated brand strategist will explore global expansion opportunities and potential B2B ones – as well as review your brand defence strategy, and help you maximise your listing real estate in every way possible.

Ongoing consulting on channel management and more

Our brand manager is always available to answer challenging and often difficult questions, which may range from account issues and launch strategy to inventory planning, listing tactics, category requirements, and more.

Consulting regularly with an Amazon brand expert means you are always in touch with your growth objectives, strategic brand development and planning, account monitoring, review recommendations and implementation – as well as listing optimisations, external ads, profit margin cost comparisons, channel management and so much more. This is precisely the edge you need to stay ahead of other brand sellers!

In case we ever come up short on answers to the above – which is rare – we will straight away connect you with one of our friendly and expert Amazon partners.

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