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Amazon brand specialists are the individuals who ‘make things happen’ behind the scenes. They work closely with Amazon vendors and sellers, helping to promote the brands and products that the eCommerce giant wants to list – and, enabling those brands to easily reach their target audience, ultimately, helping them reach their sales targets, and perhaps, even exceed them.

Each day, Amazon brand specialists are looking for opportunities, helping brands solve problems and offering strategic recommendations – to ensure that as a vendor, you’re making the most of what the Amazon marketplace has to offer.

Amazon is a complex marketplace – it may be easy to launch a brand or product, but not everyone gets to sell their listings like hotcakes.

Our expertise as an Amazon Brand Specialist

Supporting brands across Amazon is the cornerstone of what we do as an Amazon marketing agency. Again, we should understand (and appreciate) the fact that selling successfully on Amazon is a really complex area, which requires a highly calculated approach tailored to not just your brand or product, but also Amazon’s guidelines and your target audience.

There are literally hundreds to thousands of sellers listing the same items and gunning for the “Amazon top seller” badge – so it’s understandable that Amazon wants the rightful brand owners to be in control of their content.

This is where we come in, helping you from start to finish as an Amazon brand specialist:

Do I Need A Brand To Sell On Amazon?

Whilst you can sell on Amazon without bring a brand owner, Amazon is highly focused on brand services, because these individuals can product better content and support for their product lines. You may find restrictions if you are not a brand owner in terms of editing and creating new content and the tools mentioned below are also only available to businesses that have joined the brand registry programme.

What tools are available on Amazon for Brands?

brand registry tools on amazon

Store page – We can build a store page that encompasses the values of your brand and match it closely to your values or your existing website, these store pages can also be broken down into specific brands. Learn more about store pages here.

A+ Content – this content replaces the very basic product descriptions that Amazon allows most sellers, these can be visually striking and infact show “above the fold” to most users on mobile devices giving more prominence than bulletpoints. Learn more about A+ here

Video – We see a huge conversion uplift in brands that invest in using video on their product pages, really showing product features can really drive customers. Learn more about Amazon video here

Sponsored brand video – you can advertise your products using video too with brand tools, done correctly we find the largest ROI on these types of ad groups!

Sponsored brands – this advertising strategy alows you to market your products at the top of keyword searches in the amazon category pages, these can give huge brand visibility and clarity
Sponsored brands – this advertising strategy alows you to market your products at the top of keyword searches in the amazon category pages, these can give huge brand visibility and clarity

Vine – Amazon’s only legitimate way of establishing reviews through incentivsation is on the vine program, this is availabnle to all brands who are using Amazon FBA, learn more about vine here

Manage your experiments – a new a/b testing tool is available to brand owners now called “manage your experiments” learn about it here.

Reductions in hijacked listings – before brand ownership, it was possible for other businesses to take control of others listings, sometimes due to amazons system taking “multiple contributions” from other sellers but with brand registry the control is more dedicated to those brand owners. learn more about how to stop hijacked listings here.

We make sure your brand is represented properly on Amazon

Each month, our team handles clients with a total turnover of £5.5M on Amazon, and have consistently created 6-fugure sales for them in a relatively short span of time. Using key Amazon data and metrics, we have helped a variety of vendors make well-informed decisions to boost their Amazon brand presence.

Ensuring that your brand is represented the right way and in line with Amazon’s policy is critical to success, especially since you’re up against so many competing brands with similar listings, and often, the exact same listing.

No one understands this better than our team – that navigating Amazon’s retail environment is becoming increasingly complex each day, particularly when we talk about PPC ad campaigns, barcodes and taking control of your listings’ SEO. Our “full service” Amazon consulting team works closely and transparently with each client and always keep the lines of communication open. Unlike other Amazon advertising agencies, we do not charge any retainers/sales commissions, using a transparent hourlie model instead which does away with any wastage.   

“How much does a brand pay to be on Amazon and what does it allow our brand to do?”

Good question! Let’s talk some numbers to dial you in;

The cost of selling on Amazon depends on the selling plan you have, your fulfilment strategy, product category and a number of other variables. Amazons brand tools are completly free to and business that have their trademark in place and are sing an Amazon professional plan.

Do you support brands across the EU and US?

We do, indeed!

No matter where you’re based in the US or EU, our Amazon brand specialists will conceive, create and analyze a broad range of marketing and merchandising initiatives – from SEO efforts and bespoke marketing campaigns to social media and PPC ads – in order to grow your brand traffic, website traffic, conversion, and ultimately, revenue on Amazon.

It is imperative that your trademark is also valid in the EU on the EUIPO database if you wish for Amazons brand tools to be available to you across Amazon Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc.

All these activities and more will undeniably add tremendous indirect value to your Amazon listings and brand name.

Save money, and save yourself from a lot of unnecessary trial and error – as Amazon brand specialists, we have you covered on all fronts.

What does an Amazon brand expert or specialist actually do?

Amazon brand experts are typically the kind of people who are results-oriented, data driven, and totally and utterly customer-obsessed! They love partnering up with Amazon vendors and sellers to help them maximise their selling potential on the largest eCommece platform, devising strategies to help them create the most impact on their target audience.

Amazon brand experts are responsible for coming up with strategic planning, execution and reporting on behalf of the vendors they work with. However, they are also expected to work with category and vendor managers, operations, finance, instock, marketing and some of the other wider Amazon teams, in order to drive the best possible results for their customers. So, as you might imagine, an Amazon brand expert is expected to lead all the respective planning and performance sessions with their vendors, acting as the main point of contact for them on the platform.

An Amazon brand expert is also expected to offer detailed analysis of all the business opportunities and inefficiencies which currently exist, while proposing positive changes in operational processes to drive a much higher level of customer satisfaction for vendors. They must also optimise product pages, ensuring that they are loaded with relevant and high-quality, SEO-optimised content, while also recommending growth strategies from time to time.

To achieve success in their respective roles, Amazon brand experts must have a sizable appetite for learning, while being flexible and agile enough to pick up new skills as they go. They must have very strong analytical skills, as well as organisational and relationship management skills. The most successful Amazon brand experts or specialists are solution-focused, being quick to identify any problem areas and then come up with strategic solutions. While working with one, you’ll find that they have prominent communication skills and will likely have a proven track record of building mutually beneficial and positive working relationships with their clients.

An experienced Amazon brand expert will always feel very comfortable delivering results in an unfamiliar and somewhat ambiguous online environment, where they must also be very detail-oriented – looking around corners constantly, thinking bigger, and coming up with clever ways on how to make a seller’s offer more enticing.

You’ll find that expert Amazon brand experts are highly skilled in specific areas, including:

Content management – This involves improving and optimising product page content, developing and executing the necessary marketing plans, as well as helping sellers improve the overall customer experience on-page.

In-stock management – Experienced Amazon brand experts are masters at sales forecasting and inventory planning, in addition to inventory sell-through management, purchase order tracking right up till delivery, and working directly with vendors on PO automation.

Vendor management – One of the key skills a professional Amazon brand expert will have is to help vendors showcase a growing list of products, driving traffic and conversions to those product pages, coming up with promotional initiatives, and also identifying as well as resolving all vendor-related issues.

When working with Chris, you’ll find that his team of Amazon brand experts offer a broad skillset and extensive hands-on experience, to help vendors dominate search results pages on Amazon, among other things.

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