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Amazon Sales Handled Per Month

Double Growth


Average Growth Of Existing Seller Accounts (YoY)

ACoS Reduction


Average Reduction in Advertising Cost Of Sale after 90 Days

Amazon SEO Listings

Listing optimization is the bread and butter of a great amazon business. We have some great results in competitive categories.

Marketing Services

Helping you achieve lower spend in return for growing sales using AMC/DSP, Amazons PPC platform

1P and 3P Logistics

Helping you get the prime badge with either FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) or SFP (Seller Fullfiled Prime) and empowering your supply chain

Brand Protection

Using Brand registry, we will promote and protect your brand via Amazons A+ / EBC (Enhanced brand content) programme

Amazon Consultant Services Including Listing Optimisation, SEO Specialist and PPC Consultancy For Vendor And Seller Accounts

When considering amazon seller consulting services its always key to look at experience of the amazon consultant and what selling partners that marketplace consultant has worked with.

We provide professional amazon management and amazon FBA consulting services working closely with you and your team on a project management level. If you currently sell online or are an experienced Amazon seller we will help you navigate the seller central or vendor central platform and give bespoke advice based on data.

There is so much more to Amazon than just winning the buy box. Getting your content correct (listing optimization), analysing possible IP protection issues, making sure your margin is protected, getting the right conversion rate from Amazon sponsored product ads advertising platform to handling customer requirements, repricing, marketing and everything in-between.

We are a 12 year e-commerce and Amazon consultancy and have worked with many different businesses some of which achieve sales on the platform of over six figures per month. Based in the UK with a dedicated US operation we provide truly global Amazon account management platform. Ecommerce Intelligence is synonymous with being run by the top amazon consultancy.

We work with some major brands in the UK, specializing in wholesalers/manufacturers who are looking to make their own retail mark on Amazon.

If you require an amazon consulting agency in boosting the search position of your ASIN, advice on how to obtain the buy box or how to use Amazons logistics network with its FBA and SFP programmes, or you have had a suspension, please contact us below.

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What Amazon Consultants do

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Acquiring The Buy Box

A+ Content/ Enhanced Content

Resolving Suspensions

Brand & Intellectual Property Issues

Improved SEO & A9 Listing

Vendor / Amazon Retail

Amazon Consultant Chris Turton Ecommerce

Our Marketplace Landscape

As a client of ours, as well as a dedicated amazon expert you will have optional access to our ecommerce marketplace landscape which consists of several sales channels based on our Shopify platform.
You give us a price for each of your items including the price of next day shipping.
We sell your items to our network using our refined social media platforms and digital marketing helping you build extra sales and brand awareness
We handle all customer service and returns and there are no hourly or additional costs for this service

We have proudly written for…

Practical Ecommerce
Techradar Pro
Amazon Seller Dashboard improvement screenshot
A screenshot from one of our clients seller dashboards

Top Reasons to Use Us As YOUR Amazon Consultant expert for hire.

Transparent Reporting

As we bill hourly and provide in-depth monthly reporting, our work is transparent from day one, our monthly reporting is timed to the second, providing value for money and clear objectives for your team and ours.

We use project management software to detail all our tasks and processes on the Amazon platform. Our detailed task lead approach gives selling partners peace of mind that our amazon consultancy is maximising our work for your business.

Expert Guidance Across Many Categories.

We currently handle over 55+ full time seller and vendor accounts with as many as 150 different categories, all with different levels of input from our clients, from high street brands looking to maintain content protection, to the startup looking for the perfect product launch, our Amazon consultants cover it all.

Proven Results, Testimonials, Return Focused.

We openly share our testimonials and case studies, we really are confident in our level of amazon management services and SEO standards from our amazon consultants.

Expertise in Handling Complex Amazon Issues

Seller/vendor/brand support can be difficult for new and experienced businesses, because of our knowledge and expertise we are able to overcome these internal issues and advise on how to overcome generic responses and pitfalls particularly with Amazons Catalogue.

UK’s Amazon Expert

Chris and his amazon consultants have featured in national publications ranging from the Daily Mail, MSN and The Mirror as well as being featured on BBC radio and over 30+ national newspaper and online Ecommerce publications.

Chris Turton team

We are the leading Amazon consultants in the UK. Our knowledge of Amazons seller and retail environments mixed with sponsored brand advertising and products exceeds our competition. Our team is always-up-to-date on the Amazon “flywheel” effect – the process of getting all the right elements to your Amazon brand from advertising, listings, customer experience, prime and profitability!

Did you know that over 14 million people are now prime customers in the UK? This means that retail brands and manufacturers must compete for that space, as these prime customers are unlikely to buy from elsewhere. All brands have potential to grow and develop but you need to find the right partner who can guide you through the complexities of brand development and intellectual property.

Our approach is to focus on key lines, data and optimised content to develop an all encompassing strategies to build a good return on investment for your brand for several years to come.

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