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What Is Amazon SEO in 2024?

Key Factors To Rank Higher On Amazon

SEO services on Amazon – this is a subject really worth talking about, especially in 2024 and beyond!

What is Amazon SEO, especially in the context of the new year? SEO in Amazon has been defined as the perspective of being able to rank on Amazon. But how do search engines work on the largest e-commerce platform in the world? Lets break it down.

There are many different ways people typically talk about Amazon’s search engine. At our Amazon SEO services agency, however, this is what we’ve learned after doing this for 180 different Amazon sellers after 13-odd years or so:

One of the key things to remember when it comes to understanding ranking on Amazon’s search engine is to get your product selling consistently

– this is called sales velocity.
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You see, every bit of success on the platform revolves around the consistency of selling on Amazon – from your Amazon store to your competitor research, to search engine optimization, product titles, professional copywriting, and more.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not merely about manipulating keywords or shooting for profitable keywords from the get-go; it’s not about cheap pricing to get a few product sales boost; it’s not about acquiring thousands of reviews as quickly as possible on Amazon and other search engines – all of that is considered black hat SEO and will most certainly not help you gain a high organic ranking. These simply don’t work as they will never get your product listings where they need to be: front and centre of your audience.

What does work is the consistency of sales. So that doesn’t just mean more sales or achieving a higher volume than normal but the actual persistence of those sales. That is essentially sales velocity. Look at it this way: it doesn’t matter if you can run 4k today and then start running 6-7k in a matter of weeks or months – you’ll always gain a higher benefit by shooting for a specific target and then maintaining it rather than constantly trying to outdo your previous target and getting burned out as a result!

So, sales velocity is essentially what fuels the Amazon search engine’s algorithm and has, in fact, done for years. The reason’s really simple too: it allows Amazon to know that the product is working consistently and persistently well, which makes Amazon more money, so it is always happy to rank those product descriptions and listings higher than others! The regularity of those sales and products is what keeps Amazon in business.

This is what we need to base our foundations on in order to generate good SEO on the Amazon marketplace – from our Amazon SEO campaigns to our Amazon PPC management to our digital marketing efforts to our Amazon sponsored ads, and more.

Product Quality

So, when we talk about some of the core principles for ranking our listings high on Amazon’s search results, where do we start?

The first thing we want to focus on is surprisingly not title and bullet points, listing optimization, using proprietary software for pricing, targeting high volume keywords or focusing on the most profitable keywords – it’s the product itself. Product quality is key. It’s the biggest thing that matters for your product listing and it can give you a serious competitive advantage.

It’s all too easy to go with: “I’ll just buy this cheaply right now, offer it to a wholesaler on Amazon and try to get some quick sales”. That’s a huge mistake!

The fact of the matter is that you need to start from day one with a quality product because it will reflect in the reviews, the product images, the sales consistency and velocity we spoke about earlier, and perhaps, even the product title.

If you have a poor or low-quality product to begin with, i.e. it gets bad reviews, bad sales, no sales consistency and velocity – you’re already at a loss because you failed to get the consistency that your peers or other Amazon sellers have achieved.

amazon seo foundations
amazon seo structure

Pricing is absolutely crucial when it comes to generating consistent Amazon sales. If you have a high price in mind but you don’t have a premium product category or your pricing is too high from the start and you’re not getting a great profit margin – the key problem lies in having a brand new product that’s essentially untested. So, if you want to charge much higher than your competitors, you’re not going to get very far because buyers primarily search by keywords, shortlist products they like, and then build a mindset around the prices they see in order to make a buying decision.

Let’s say if everyone is charging £10 or $10 for something that a potential buyer is interested in and you’re charging 15 for the very same product, that product simply cannot be perceived as having “better value”. You’re already at a loss at this stage because you will not acquire the same sales velocity as your competitors, and therefore, you won’t rank.

So. It’s very important in the early stages to price competitively along with either the same quality as your competitor’s or, preferably, better. This is pretty much the foundation to the SEO experience on Amazon.

Product Imagery

The next thing is where most will assume SEO begins and that is the quality of your product’s imagery because this is where we need to get your viewer to convert to your products, instead of your competitors’. Keywords and imagery here, obviously, go hand-in-hand and are the key to winning over and converting a potential buyer.

Getting the imagery right in your specific category means you’re using seven images on most categories; for some you might be using up to four (there may be a few variations here and there) although you need to maximise each listing within a category with the seven images slot available, it is also wise to utilize one of these slots for a video.

You can also use video even if you’re not a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry programme. Video, again, is a very powerful way of winning over potential buyers. However, you do need to use high quality video, showcasing the product’s key features. Don’t just put up random video or placeholder video ‘borrowed’ from the internet. A customised video showing the product’s development, its main features and how they can benefit the buyer, is very important.  

amazon seo management
amazon seo product reviews

Product Reviews

Another key thing that Amazon SEO consultant’s will be clear on to pop up high on Amazon’s search results is reviews.

The one thing we really want to stress on (really!) is don’t push for thousands of reviews! It’s a total fallacy! We’ve helped sellers outrank products with thousands of reviews over the last 10 years or so, by having just 20 or so quality and genuine reviews! And again, our clients succeeded in outranking their competitors through sales velocity.

Therefore, 20-30 quality, genuine, authentic, and honest reviews really should be your max. Some of them may not be so positive and that’s fine – at least people will know that you’ve put up genuine reviews and that your product may have shortcomings you’re willing to address (do respond to the negative reviews and offer solutions!).

The more reviews you push for the bigger diminishing returns you will get, you see, so use Amazon Vine, Brand Registry, and FBA to get an optimal rate of reviews back.

These combined will generate the right volume of reviews, some of which may not always be good, because, naturally, you will get a taste of the customer experience reality. If everyone says that it was great without identifying any shortcomings, it would not make the Vine programme, for instance, all that beneficial, because these are very honest and in-depth customer reviews, which will indefinitely help to get consistent feedback and keep your sales velocity up. Getting those early reviews in is the key.

Complete the Above Before Running Paid Ads

You absolutely want to be doing all this before you engage in anything like ads or other efforts to gain external traffic. If your product is not converting, if it doesn’t look good in the imagery and videos, and you’re already not seeing great conversion rates, any kind of advertising will not lead to a good ROI. In fact, it will be downright terrible!

So, before running ads, try to get all the fundamental things in place: sales velocity, product quality, product pricing, product imagery, and product reviews.

Amazon Keyword Research

Another thing we want to stress at this stage is solid keyword research. Helium 10 is a good Amazon keyword research tool to start with, although try not to resort to tools from Google – Amazon and Google have different search engine algorithms; one is information-based while the other is shopping/listings-based, so you won’t get consistent results by using Google tools. The same applies to running Amazon ads.

Are A+ and Brand Stores a Priority?

Now, when we look at things like A+ and Stores, which are both a part of the Amazon Brand Registry programme, this should be more of a secondary priority. It will give good visibility to your product range, help with conversions, but it’s nowhere as important as the priorities mentioned above we discussed earlier:

  • Keywords
  • Imagery
  • Video
  • Sales velocity
  • Quality
  • Reviews

Just as important is getting it all set up at the earliest stage possible; e.g. right after you create your Amazon account!

Optimise Your Product Descriptions

Also, you’d want to pay attention to crafting good product descriptions and bullet points from day one, even though these are becoming less and less relevant. Amazon, in fact, is now hiding bullet points in certain categories, as people are basing their buying decisions off other factors like reviews, imagery, video – all “fast impact” elements which can quickly help someone make a buying decision.

So, as we’ve discussed, these are some of the best ways to develop your Amazon marketing and SEO early on.

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Amazon seo agency team

What Is an Amazon SEO Services Agency?

We get this question all the time! Many people, although they’ve probably had an Amazon seller account for years, don’t quite know or understand how professional Amazon marketing services can benefit them.

It’s actually quite similar to what we do as a business, being one of the leading Amazon SEO agencies in the UK, US, and EU.

As your Amazon SEO company, we look into everything from FBA, logistics, advertising strategies, marketing services, and account management, to improving the customer experience, product listing optimization, enhanced brand content, etc. – you name it!

So, it’s fair to say we’re full-service SEO specialists who offer the complete spectrum of Amazon optimization services. When you work with our Amazon SEO specialists, you might discover that having a proper Amazon listings account alone, for example, can account for about 20% of what it takes to succeed on the platform.

This is essentially the crux of what we do as an Amazon marketing agency or Amazon SEO agency, as some like to call it.

Your Experienced Amazon SEO Agency

As an Amazon advertising agency, we’ve been doing this for decades, for nearly as long as Amazon has been around, in fact. Holistically, our team has a collective experience of about 30 years within the Amazon US, EU and UK space. We’re Amazon SEO consultant specialists who have seen the platform’s algorithm evolve over time and know exactly how to ‘crack the code’, so to speak, to help you sell more and sell consistently.

With our extensive experience in providing Amazon SEO services, we’ve come to understand that the SEO side of things on Amazon is a lot more nuanced than Google’s traditional SEO. It’s got more to do with the actual, physical owners of a product, and making sure that the product performance aspect is there for a customer. And this is the key thing to remember, whether you’re just an Amazon business starting out or one of those experienced Amazon brand registered sellers.

Don’t Rely on “Off The Shelf” Tools

It’s important not to be driven into buying the standard set of “off the shelf” SEO tools available online (whether paid or free) – the so-called best practices you see in these SEO tools do not take Google’s or Amazon’s algorithm into account, for one. Plus, nailing the SEO aspect on Amazon is only half the job done.

Product Quality Matters

So, achieving great product quality should be one of your key goals from day one, as we’ve hammered home the point again and again! At the end of the day, Amazon is all about the customer experience. It has been from day one. That’s what Jeff Bezos said when he founded the platform. If you can get this element right, you’re going to be a winner with your Amazon SEO and your target audience will practically gravitate towards your product before anyone else’s.

Amazon SEO Services

Learn more about what we can do for you as an Amazon SEO company or explore our range of Amazon SEO services now by calling: (+44) 01743 816191 (UK) | (+001) (646) 791-4154 (US).

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