The True Cost of Amazon Ads

The True Cost Of Amazon Ads As more people turn to Amazon to meet their shopping needs, it’s perfectly normal to see an even higher volume of advertisers flooding the platform with ads and especially sponsored ads. In this article, we look at the cost of advertising on the largest

How to sell restricted products and gated products on Amazon

How to sell restricted products and gated products on Amazon Has this ever happened to you on Amazon? You did all your due diligence and homework and have the perfect product to sell on the platform. In fact, demand is high and competition relatively low – on the outside, it’s

How do I get on Amazon Vendor Central

How do I get on Amazon Vendor Central? There are two methods to start selling products on Amazon Seller Central: as a seller (Amazon 3p seller) or an Amazon 1p seller, this is what is revferred to as “how to do business with amazon” However, this is pretty much where

What is Amazon FBA and how much does it cost to set up?

What is Amazon FBA and how much does it cost to set up? Without question, Amazon has come up with probably the most advanced and complete fulfilment networks ever created. Not only that, but it’s the number one platform for both buyers and sellers. To keep up with the day-to-day

How To Start Selling on Amazon Seller Central

How To Start Selling on Amazon Seller Central Amazon has become the undisputed largest platform for online merchants to sell products, and no matter how you look at it, Amazon Seller Central in the UK or “Seller Central US” hold massive business potential for anyone looking to sell products online.

How To Report A Seller on Amazon

How To Report A Seller on Amazon The Amazon platform hosts around 2 million third-party sellers. Last year, they made up 62% of the platform’s total sales. Amazon sends out approximately 66,000 orders per hour to buyers around the world, which translates to about 18.5 purchases each second. With that

Latest Amazon News – 8th September 2021

Black Friday Deals Submissions Now Open Amazon have announced that the Lightning Deals, 7-Day Deals and Vouchers/Coupons submission window for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Early Black Friday Deals 2021. You can now submit your ASINS for the chance to be featured in the upcoming events. The featured dates are:

Manage Your Experiments – Available Now

A/b testing finally comes to Amazon EU brand owners! Whilst the US has enjoyed the “manage experiments” tool for a while under Amazon brand registry, we have had to wait several months for it to land in the UK. What is it? The new brand lead tool allows you as

How To Stop Hijacked Listings on Amazon

Have you ever been in a position where another business is selling your branded products on Amazon despite the fact you do not sell to them as a manufacturer?Even more frustrating – are they undercutting your product price heavily to leverage their buybox chances? This is a common practise with

Furniture and bulky sellers rejoice! FBA Heavy and Bulky Launches April 1st

Furniture, Bikes and large gym equipment not to mention others have been the bain of sellers wanting to get on Fulfilled by Amazon in the UK but on the 1st April, that will all change with the “heavy and bulky” FBA launch. FBA centres across the core European marketplaces –

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