Why Is My Amazon Listing Not Showing Up?

Your Amazon listing not showing up can be a very frustrating ordeal to deal with. And while there could be a number of reasons why this is happening, we’ve identified the top three reasons to answer one of the most common questions Amazon sellers have: “Why is my Amazon listing not showing up?”

Top three reasons for Amazon listing not showing up

1. The Buy Box is lost or missing

See the section on the right-hand side of your product page where there’s an “Add to Cart” button? That’s the Buy Box, where over 80% of your sales come from.

Unfortunately, the Buy Box can sometimes go missing or get lost entirely. Here are some possible reasons:

You’re either a 3rd party seller or not eligible for “Prime” status: The vast majority of new sellers mostly experience a missing or lost Buy Box within the first 30 days. This is because Amazon is testing your ability to handle their shipping requirements – this means that there must be no late shipments, order cancellations or having to confirm shipments, during this period.

Furthermore, Amazon prefers to direct more traffic toward products sold by Prime Sellers. So, if your product isn’t “Prime” eligible yet and you’re the only one offering it, you will probably not get enough traffic to create the order experience data which shows Amazon that you’re meeting their performance requirements. Therefore, your listing doesn’t quite “evolve” and you won’t have it under Buy Box. 

Your sales volume is not high enough: Amazon can also remove the Buy Box from your product listing if you’re not generating a high enough sales volume.

Amazon believes your product is inferior or currently reviewing its authenticity: Instead of pulling a product altogether, what Amazon does is that it supresses the Buy Box while reviewing the authenticity of the product(s). This typically happens when customers start complaining about it – such as falsely labelled clothing items or fashion apparel, for instance.

Your seller rating is going down: If your listing is showing performance issues and your seller rating drops below 90% during the 30-day trial period, you will likely lose your Buy Box eligibility. Also, if that’s your only offer on the listing (a brand name selling its own product, for example), then you will also lose your Buy Box.

2. There is an issue with the ASIN number

Some of your listings may have inaccurate information or perhaps contain outdated photos, which means it may not be visible or displaying to users when searched through the ASIN number.

Another reason could be that Amazon has restricted the sale of your ASIN – possibly due to a poor quality product, intellectual property violations, or a product which may require additional testing before it can be sold to the public at large.

There could be any number of reasons and you may be forced to contact Seller Support. But before you do that, you can always use this URL to search for your products’ ASIN, just to be sure.

3. Your item has been removed from sale

Again, there could be a number of reasons for this. Your product may not be performing according to Amazon’s standards or you may be missing the required product information as per Amazon’s criteria, there may be a high number of returns, etc.

Check your account for any performance notifications and as well as its health status – you’re bound to find something that indicates why your Buy Box is no longer visible.

Need more help with this? Our Amazon marketing services team would be keen to offer their expert guidance.

Chris is the managing director of Ecommerce Intelligence, a full service Amazon agency. He has over 13 years experience selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Follow Chris on LinkedIn for daily tips and advice.
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