How to use Frustration Free Packaging and Climate Pledge Packaging

Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging programme forms part of their sustainability programme – something Amazon is extremely passionate about and takes very seriously.

Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) explained

Excessive packaging materials are not only harmful for the environment but also something that many customers find annoying. Imagine waiting several days to receive something, as you try to contain the excitement and anticipation, only to find your item wrapped in multiple layers of plastic – or worse still, attempting to tear or cut right through inaccessible packaging. We’ve all been there and it is not the most fun experience!

Amazon is working actively to improve the whole experience of customers unwrapping their packages while protecting the environment too, and this comes in the form of Frustration Free Packaging.

That’s great – But what’s in it for me as an Amazon seller?

A very legitimate question, to say the least.

When you become an FFP programme member, you’re effectively unlocking benefits which go well beyond just aligning your love for the environment and customers’ convenience with your selling practices.

Amazon always places a lot of importance on increasing its overall operational efficiency while doing whatever possible to keep customer satisfaction levels at their highest – suffice it to say, almost any programme they come up with, will have these two considerations at the core.

So, as a seller, what are some benefits to you? Well, let’s see:

  • Becoming a part of the FFP programme means you can immediately lower your overall packaging overheads because of the decreased volume of packaging materials required.
  • You can increase customer satisfaction simply by making packaging less complicated and easier to open. As a result, your customers will also be dealing with less waste, possibly leading to more positive reviews.
  • Buyers can find you according to a filter for FFP products, which inevitably means higher sales and more positive reviews for you, as you will be known as a seller who supports environmental sustainability while keeping their customers’ convenience at heart.
  • You also get an official label which you can use when communicating with customers, thus, helping to build trust with them and making you stand out from other sellers who do not have the label.
  • If anything else, you’ll be more motivated to come up with better, more sustainable packaging options, ultimately contributing to environmental sustainability and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Brilliant! How do I apply for the Frustration Free Packaging programme?

Enrollment in the FFP programme is straightforward enough but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an involved one, as it requires testing of your packaging by third parties.

Here’s a summary of the steps you’re going to take to get enrolled:

  • Get the required package passing test known as ISTA 6, understand the requirements of the test and then ensure that your product(s) passes.
  • Get your packaging tested by a third party lab to ensure that Amazon’s requirements are being met. In some instances, you may be able to perform these tests yourself.
  • Once your product passes the required tests, you can submit it to Amazon using their ‘Contact Us’ portal. After approval, you may be able to start shipping your products using the new sustainable packaging, in order to maintain your FFP certification or label, otherwise Amazon might revoke it. 

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Packaging explained

Amazon co-founded the Climate Pledge Packaging initiative in 2019 to further reinforce its commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2040.

In late 2020, Amazon launched the Climate Pledge Friendly label, making it easier for users to buy more sustainable and eco-friendly products.

When someone searches for your products on Amazon and sees the Climate Pledge Friendly label, it signifies that the product has received at least one or more of the 19 different sustainability certifications Amazon has allotted to it. These certifications mean that the product complies with Amazon’s initiatives to help preserve the world as best as possible.

What does this mean for sellers and how can you apply?

First off, the programme is accessible to all Amazon sellers and vendors and, in fact, Amazon encourages them to apply. Second, if your product gets at least one of the certifications Amazon has listed on the program’s page, you can qualify for Climate Pledge Friendly packaging and receive the official label. Your product may already qualify, and if it does, just go to Seller Central or Vendor Central and contact Amazon directly from there.

The main benefit of getting the Climate Pledge Packaging badge on your products is that it makes you stand out as a sustainable business which focuses on providing products in eco-friendly packaging. This inevitably means more people are likely to buy from you and leave top-notch reviews!

Can Amazon packaging be recycled?

The short answer is: yes.

Amazon utilises a fair amount of plastic in their packaging which is especially used in conjunction with other materials – so that means that you can’t recycle all of it, but you can certainly recycle the ‘recyclable’ parts.

So, this essentially means all of the reusable and recyclable bags, paper bags and cardboard boxes as well as folders, which can be recycled through the vast majority of local recycling programmes in your region.

In fact, you can even recycle dry ice pouches, foam sheets and bubble wrap through drop-off programmes and recycling centres. There are also multiple ways in which you can reuse many types of Amazon packaging. All it takes is a little bit of creativity!

What does reduced packaging mean on Amazon?

Amazon is using a combination of deep learning (DL), natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to better understand the optimal amount of packaging for every product.

According to Matthew Bales, Manager at Amazon for Research Science, “It’s a triple win” as it helps to reduce waste, boost customer satisfaction and lower costs.

If you’re selling on Amazon and need more insight on understanding how Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging and Climate Pledge Packaging can help you boost sales, Chris and his team can help.

Chris is the managing director of Ecommerce Intelligence, a full service Amazon agency. He has over 13 years experience selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Follow Chris on LinkedIn for daily tips and advice.
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