Brand Tailored Promotions: What You Need to Know

Overview: What is Brand Tailored Promotions?

Brand Tailored Promotions are now available outside of the US in many new territories, including the UK and EU, to all brands. So, what does this mean for sellers?

Visit Brands, build your own brands on Seller Central, scroll down and you’ll find Brand Tailored Promotions – the goal is to build promotions toward both prospective and existing customers for your brand on Amazon.

Amazon brand taiolored promotions

It’s especially useful for creating ‘special deals’ for potential customers who have abandoned their purchase from your within the last 90 days, or for creating deals and discounts for existing customers to turn them into repeat customers, or to establish better brand loyalty.

If your margin allows it, you can start with as little as 10% discount. As long as you are brand-registered on the Brand Registry Program, you can start using Brand Tailored Promotions right away.

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Brand Tailored Promotions: A new way of offering discounts and deals

Amazon’s new brand tailored promotions tool is about to revolutionise the way discounting works on the platform and here’s why:

With a powerful tool like brand tailored promotions, brand sellers can create a very wide range of segmented discounts, something which never been done on Amazon before.

So, instead of offering deals or coupons available to anyone, you get to target only a select group of shoppers. For example, the ones who have abandoned their cart or the ones who you feel really ought to be your repeat buyers!

Up until early this year, Amazon allowed sellers to only segment out discounts based on whether a buyer is an Amazon Family, Health, Prime, or Student member. Now, once you understand “what is brand tailored promotions”, you can effectively target several key groups with discounts, deals, and promotions:

  • Prospective customers
  • Recent customers
  • Repeat customers
  • High-spend customers
  • Brand followers
  • Cart abandoners

As you might imagine, the end result is (ideally) a lot of incremental sales. You can even move the sales needle on multiple key groups who are already in your purchase funnel, ready to pull the trigger.

Brands, sellers, and agencies that are using Brand Tailored Promotions are saying that it is a “game changer” and one of the “most exciting products” Amazon has come up with as of late.

A few ideas on what you can do with Brand Tailored Promotions

Test pricing strategies with prospective new customers

Perhaps, your product is a tad bit more expensive than your competitors. While there’s no guarantee that people will buy your product, what if you could actually understand to the degree or extent your price is causing interested customers to shy away from a purchase?

Under Brand Tailored Promotions, you’ll find Amazon’s Potential New Customers audience, allowing you to reach out to people who are already considering buying from you or at least shortlisting your brand for a prospective buy at some point. So, these are people who have already clicked on your products in the last 90 days, but who haven’t necessarily bought anything from you in a year.

Running a discount targeting Potential New Customers can be an excellent way to understand how the underlying demand for a specific product has been impacted by price.

For instance, if the promotions targeting Potential New Customers leads to a spike in sales, then it might be best to lower your overall price.

Cross-selling to high-spend customers

These are buyers who have spent more money on your brand than the other 95% of your customers in a span of 12 months – mainly because they have the money to spend and have proven themselves to be somewhat of a fan of your brand. Therefore, they are absolutely ripe for cross-selling!

Go ahead and add a small discount to all your brand’s products for these people, and you might see a nice spike in downstream sales.

Offer cart abandoners a discount

It’s fair to say that this is likely the best use case for taking advantage of the promotion opportunities that come with Brand Tailored Promotions.

This allows you to target promotions to potential buyers who added one of your products to their cart, but didn’t actually end up finalising the purchase in the last 90 days.

Offering cart abandoners discounts is one of the hallmarks of direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing. This extra ‘nudge’ is a great way to close the sale, and Amazon allows you to do this very easily and conveniently.  

This opportunity to generate incremental sales was not previously available on Amazon, and you’ll find out soon enough that without this feature, you might have not gotten many of the sales you were after.

How to create a tailored promotion step-by-step

  1. Find ‘Advertising’ from your Seller Central account and then go to ‘Brand Tailored Promotions’.
  2. Now select ‘Create a Promotion’ on the homepage for Brand Tailored Promotions.
  3. Choose the target brand and audience. Each audience will show its unique audience name, description, and size. Click on ‘Next’.
  4. Add a Promotion Name (this will not be visible to customers), a discount percentage, along with promotion start and end dates.
  5. Important things to note at this point:
  6. Percent discount needs to be between 10% and 50%
  7. Your budget is the maximum spend for discount allowed for this promotion
  8. The start date has to be 24 hours in the future, at the minimum
  9. Tailored promotions can only be created for an audience size of 100 or higher
  10. The promotion for all tailored promotions applies to the entire brand catalogue for redemption on a single product per customer
  11. Brand Tailored Promotions are available to registered Seller Central brand owners only
  12. You must go to Amazon Brand Registry to see if your brand is eligible for Brand Tailored Promotions
  13. Review your promotion and click on ‘Submit’
  14. After it is approved, your selected audience will be able to see it

Closing thoughts

Brand Tailored Promotions are a fantastic way for you to customise your promotional campaigns for different target audiences, maximising not only your marketing efforts but also your revenue stream.

Chris and his team can help you navigate the complexities of Brand Tailored Promotions like a pro, helping you exploit it to achieve the highest number of sales from all audience groups!

Chris is the managing director of Ecommerce Intelligence, a full service Amazon agency. He has over 13 years experience selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Follow Chris on LinkedIn for daily tips and advice.
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