Amazon SEO & Keyword Research

Amazon SEO & Keyword Research Chris Turton Ecommerce

Amazon SEO and Keyword Optimisation

Keyword Research

Our Tried, tested and repeated model is proven to get the right keywords to show to the right customer


We leverage your results by looking in depth at competitor successes and learning from them

Converting Content

We formulate content not only around keywords but to build trust to the potential customer with qualitative imagery, video and more

How To Rank Your Products on Amazon

The real low down on ranking for products on Amazon is more obvious thank you think. The algorithm is weighted heavily towards sales performance

Amazon SEO & Keyword Research Chris Turton Ecommerce

What are the key metrics in Amazon search marketing

After many years of working with many different businesses across nearly all categories on Amazon, its search algorithm which is called A9 can easily be broken down into 4 parts

  • Current Sales Velocity and in-stick rate.
  • On page product SEO (Keywords, images, video, tech details)
  • Account health and Account Performance
  • Customer experience

Getting the foundations in place

Getting the right keywords, structure, and understanding best practise is key to our combined success on getting your products successfully listed on Amazon. We have a very fluid keyword structure that looks at high search volume across multiple competitors and filters them into rich sentance structures that improve the customer experience. Learn more about how to start selling on seller central

It is also imperative before you start selling you understand the market, your competitors and to make sure your products are not gated or have any restrictions, such as alcohol or toys.Learn more about amazon product restrictions here

Amazon SEO & Keyword Research Chris Turton Ecommerce
Amazon SEO & Keyword Research Chris Turton Ecommerce

Building The Structure

We know what metrics work, our strategy will start with our content writer strategy; building highly concentrated keyword titles, as well as building bullet points, descriptions and search terms which not only rank for all required and high ranking keyword but also help develop customer decisions.

Title structure should start with your brand name followed by the key item specifics and then product features, some of Amazon’s SEO features differ between categories and customer requirements, Getting your listings optimised is not just about being a great amazon content writer but also being able to write content that SELLS.

Managing The Account

An Amazon listing and its SEO is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. We have 54 different performance criteria to support your business from performance account health metrics to delivery and fulfillment infrastructure.

Amazon SEO & Keyword Research Chris Turton Ecommerce

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