Why you absolutely should work with a Digital Marketing Agency for Amazon

So you’ve come up with a great product and already have a target audience in mind. In fact, some of your prospects may already know who you are and what sets you apart. What’s the next logical step? Why, sell on Amazon, of course!

While becoming a part of the largest eCommerce platform in the world seems like a logical step, it does entail a fair amount of risk, especially if you go in blindly without consulting an eCommerce agency in the UK or a digital marketing agency for Amazon, for example.  

However, once you have a proper Amazon strategy in your arsenal, completely bespoke to your product, target audience and ROI targets, you’re more than halfway there.

Why you absolutely should work with a Digital Marketing Agency for Amazon Chris Turton Ecommerce

When it makes sense to hire Amazon Management Services

Amazon management services, eCommerce agency, UK, digital marketing agency for Amazon, Amazon account specialist team, etc. – they go by many names, but essentially exist for the same purpose: to act as your dedicated expert on helping you manage all things related to growing and expanding your business on Amazon.

An Amazon marketing specialist can help you forge a success roadmap. They’re responsible for handling everything from ensuring that you stay on top of Amazon’s ongoing platform changes to helping you monitor ad spend, exercise better brand control and build an enticing online storefront. By working with an Amazon account specialist team or digital marketing agency for Amazon – whichever term you want to use – you are practically guaranteeing that all your Amazon marketing and advertising activities are handled in the most professional and consistent way possible.

Amazon marketing specialists and strategists are experts who not only help you understand how Amazon works inside and out, but also how to boost product listings from day one, drive better conversion and improve your ROI. Furthermore, they have a deep and intimate knowledge of how Amazon’s complex algorithm works, how to come up with the best product descriptions, format images to garner the most interest, and much more.

Different types of Amazon Management Services

As a seller, it pays to understand how agencies provide different kinds of Amazon management services. For example, some may offer highly specialised services, while others offer the full suite of services or what’s called a “full service” digital marketing agency for Amazon.

The various types include:

Amazon content agency

Creative Amazon agencies handle mostly the visual elements which your visitors see as they’re browsing through listings. This could be anything from how your product’s photos are laid out to the actual design, videos and graphics accompanying the listing.

Amazon optimisation agency

When it comes to tailoring a well-rounded Amazon strategy, it’s not just about images and videos but also algorithm optimisation and search engine optimisation (SEO). Amazon optimisation or SEO agencies are responsible for ensuring that your listings pop up as high in Amazon search results as possible.

Amazon advertising agency

When it comes to attaining success as an Amazon seller, paid and promoted advertising play a major role. This type of agency can specifically help to execute and optimise your paid ads for the best ROI and overall success.

Amazon content agency

Compelling, relevant and enticing copy for your product descriptions is also a vital success factor. An Amazon content agency will ensure that your listings not only contain high-ranking keywords but also the right descriptors to give buyers a real sense of what they’re buying, putting them in the driver’s seat, so to speak.

Amazon review service agency

Reviews are a very, very critical part of successfully selling on Amazon, and are not to be underestimated at any stage. What people are saying about you after buying your product can effectively make or break future sales. This kind of Amazon eCommerce agency in the UK will handle all reviews for you, encouraging more people to leave positive ones following a purchase, as well as dealing with and mitigating any negative reviews, which people do tend to leave despite your best efforts!

Full service digital marketing agency for Amazon

While all of the above Amazon management services can prove to be very useful, depending on what your needs are, what you want to do is always work with a reputable and experienced ‘full service’ digital marketing agency in the UK.

What this means is that the agency will help you accomplish success in all aspects from start to finish on Amazon – i.e. from signing up and account registration to helping you post listings, optimising them, and ensuring that they continue to perform, long after your ROI targets have been met.

They will literally help you with every aspect of Amazon strategy and selling from start to finish, and this is precisely what we specialise in here at Christ Turton Ecommerce..

Some of our accomplishments as an Amazon Account Specialist Team

In 2020, we helped 3 startups grow to make a turnover of 100k each by December, one of whom had to cancel further orders as their courier couldn’t keep up!

Our current sales growth record stands at 0-872k in less than 12 months – we’re always eager and excited to work with our next client to beat this record!  

Our average growth for existing Amazon Seller Central accounts stands at a whopping 196.7% YoY.

We have worked with exciting and progressive startups as well as major brands, from the baby food and alcohol sector to the hardwood logs and wheelchair batteries sector. You name it, we’ve helped them build a winning Amazon strategy!

Owing to our diverse product category portfolio, we have built extensive knowledge of category bottlenecks, helping to resolve common issues quickly and saving our clients a tonne of time.

Our contractual terms are short, sweet, and to the point, along with our transparent hourly rates, all clocked and detailed down to the last second, which not only improves communication but also does away with any unnecessary time-wasting drills.

Owing to our growth over the years as a full-service Amazon eCommerce agency in the UK, we have dedicated Amazon account managers backing us 24/7, in case partner support fails to live up to our expectations. This helps us reach new milestones all the time.

Why you absolutely should work with a Digital Marketing Agency for Amazon Chris Turton Ecommerce

Why choose us?

An end-to-end global eCommerce Agency in the UK

Building sales on the largest eCommerce platform in the world requires time, patience and intricate knowledge, all backed up by many years of experience across a broad range of product categories. Our clients see us as expert Amazon strategy specialists who work alongside a transparent Amazon management services model. We can grow your digital strategy no matter what your budget.

Bespoke Amazon Advertising Strategy

We operate as a full service digital marketing agency for Amazon, providing you with a one-stop solution to help you grow your brand and presence on Amazon. Our Amazon account specialist team utilises the latest PPC account management tools and search engine optimisation best practices, alongside sponsored ads as well as paid advertising, to help you dominate on the largest global eCommerce platform.

On average, we can help you reduce your Amazon PPC advertising costs up to 40% across the entire marketplace. You can read more about out PPC Amazon strategy here.

We’re a global eCommerce agency in the UK

Our specialist Amazon management services are fully tailored to your ROI needs and built around a transparent model. All our work is clocked down to the last second, and we don’t believe in burdening you with any long-term contracts or retainers. We really pride ourselves in offering detailed, transparent, honest and impartial Amazon strategy consultancy to our clients, and our results clearly show! You can learn more about our Amazon account specialist team here.

Amazon management services for both Amazon Vendor and Seller

We offer a range of Amazon management services for both sellers and vendors. Our team fully understands the intricacies and nuances in supporting products for both categories, as well as the reporting that’s involved in driving sales for sellers and vendors.

Whilst we stick to the same core PPC fundamentals, we tailor the entire product listings, reporting, Amazon strategy building and optimisation process based on the type of account you have and your key goals.

You can learn more about Vendor Central services here.

Sponsored brands, bespoke video and images, and more

The importance of developing your brand early via Amazon advertising cannot be stressed on enough. However, this must be combined with exceptional brand lead listings so that you can get the desired conversion rates, thus, keeping your sponsored ads performing optimally and cost-effectively.

Through Sponsored Brands, which have additional campaigns available (e.g. sponsored brand video) and store spotlights, you can dominate search categories at a fairly early stage.

Choosing the absolute best Digital Marketing Agency for Amazon

Choosing the right Amazon strategy partner or eCommerce agency, UK, to work with can be daunting. Even if you have your goals and budget all set out, you need to choose the right partner.

Chris and his team offer a one-stop solution to all your Amazon marketing and advertising needs. Call us now to discuss your success road map.

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