How To Find The Best Amazon Agency

It’s easy to acquire some funds and start up a business but the process of getting competitive and staying in the game is much, much harder than getting your company registered.

As you strive and struggle to grow your business, you’re going to undeniably come across many challenges and hurdles, which at times, may almost sap you dry of your creative wit and business acumen.

You probably don’t have time to worry about how to get over the next business hurdle, as your competitor wins over another market segment which should have been yours. This is why smart businesses work with marketing agencies or an ad agency to take care of their Amazon listings, while they focus on other core areas to grow their business:

Top 5 things that (we think) make us the best Amazon Ads Agency

Chris and his team of Amazon consultants have helped all kinds of businesses across a broad range of sectors grow their presence and win the hearts and minds of their audiences:

“Chris and his team helped us discover untapped potential with our Amazon business. Our sales have grown by 300% since we started working together – Alan Murtagh”.

We helped Alan and his marketing team see 9600% growth with more than £1.2 in sales in just 12 months.

Here’s what truly sets us apart from other marketing agencies:

1. We do a thorough job of managing and optimising ads

We understand that Amazon sellers have a lot on their plate at any given time. This is why our team take all the guesswork and back-breaking trial-and-error out of ads management and optimisation, helping you focus on other areas of your business.

Chris and PPC agency team of Amazon consultants will craft and optimise each ad through cutting-edge in-house technology and software. They will organise and layout unique images, along with optimising and managing every aspect of your product listings.

2. We help you create a unique brand identity on Amazon

When it comes to expressing your brand, different businesses tend to do different things. From drafting your logos and creating taglines to even having a dedicated branding kit – this means that you’ll already have the necessary tools at your disposal to effectively market your products on Amazon.

Our team understands all too well that the competition typically takes a fair amount of time to study the market they’re in and especially the tactics you are using. They use this time to their advantage in order to put together the right images which represent your brand, and especially, your business as a whole.

They will sit down with your in-house marketing team and help you craft a completely unique brand identity to accurately reflect your business, products and services. You just cannot go wrong when working with us as your ads agency:

“Chris and his team have quickly turned what appeared to be an incredibly daunting task into a very simple and fruitful one – I cannot recommend highly enough – James Simpson”

We helped James sell 4,000 units in just 12 months after a new product was launched!

3. We optimise product listings to help you rank higher in search results

On Amazon, SEO is everything – something that we’re particularly good at as a PPC agency. One of the things that you need to improve on from day one is the way in which you show and present your products in Amazon’s listings.

Our team will help you find the right keywords and the most appropriate images and product descriptions to complement those keywords – ultimately, getting your listings to rank higher and see higher sales conversions:

“Chris’s work has helped us grow and understand how to develop our Amazon listings and sales – Guy Parr”

We completely understand that as a business owner, you must work with your business’s logistics, and understanding the Amazon A9 Algorithm, for example, may be very hard to comprehend and implement effectively. When consulting with us as your ads agency, we’re going to break down Amazon’s SEO requirements in a very simple and easy-to-digest manner – the right keywords will ensure that you never deal with any technical issues in your listings.

4. We help you set up Vendor and Seller Accounts

Not sure what a Vendor or Seller Account is, or which one is right for you? Not to worry, our team has you covered! We have a proven success track record working with both UK and US accounts.

5. We ensure you remain in the loop on Amazon policy changes

With constant changes and updates going on at the largest eCommerce platform, you might miss out on new trends by not staying up to speed on these developments. While most marketing agencies don’t even bother updating their clients on these changes, we are always on top of things, keeping you in the loop and providing you with update summaries directly!

6. We bill and provide transparency like no other

Don’t leave your Amazon marketing and advertising to chance – get in touch with Chris and his team to chalk out a winning strategy today.

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